What is a Direct Cremation ?


Direct cremation is a simple, dignified option in which your loved one is cremated without a funeral service or ceremony. Sometimes known as an unattended cremation, by removing the service, the family of the deceased or those responsible for arrangements can make substantial savings of between £2000 and £6000 compared to traditional funeral costs.


What happens when someone dies ?

  • The deceased is collected by the service provider

  • They are taken back to their premises and cared for until the time of the cremation

  • The death is registered by the family

  • The service provider completes the paperwork legally required for a UK cremation

  • The deceased is placed in a simple coffin and transported to the crematorium

  • Cremation takes place. The crematorium, date and time of cremation are chosen by the company

  • The ashes are either scattered at the crematorium garden of remembrance or returned to family – whichever you prefer

A funeral plan is a way you can pre-pay and pre-plan your funeral. Pre-paying your funeral costs with a funeral plan makes life easier for family and saves money by avoiding inflation. Pre-planning your funeral with a funeral plan means you choose the funeral service you want at today’s prices.

Funeral plans work by letting you make your own funeral arrangements, rather than leaving family to arrange everything. With either a single payment or monthly instalments, your funeral plan secures the services as detailed in your plan documents.

Funeral Inflation

Average funeral costs have risen by 62% in the last decade. When you compare this to rises in other costs over the past ten years – like petrol prices, electricity prices, house prices and weekly wages – the difference is vast.

For example, if wages had risen in line with funeral costs, the average weekly wage would be £790 today. But they’ve actually only risen by 19.7% to £585.

If funeral costs continue to rise at the same rate as the last 15 years, the average cost of dying could reach over £10,000 in just three years’ time.


Top 8 reasons for choosing direct cremation

  • Don’t want family going through an upsetting service at the crematorium

  • Don’t believe in funerals

  • Family dispute would make a funeral service difficult to attend

  • Save money

  • Prefer to leave money to family than spend it on funeral costs

  • Would family rather have a party than a funeral service

  • Family live abroad so unable to attend a funeral

  • Few people or no one to attend a funeral